The things you take for granted

…Someone else is praying for.


Comment on unit blog

This is my first ever blog, by created this blog I have learn more about its. I was so impressed with what you could do using blog. you can use blog for personal or business related. One of the primary features is the ability of the reader to interact with the blogger via the “comments” function. So now I know blog’s not just another social media tool for fun and wasting time.

What benefits could using micro blogging sites such as Twitter have for a library?

Twitter is one of the social media tools library use to contact their customers. Library staff can use twitter to find out what other school  libraries are doing around the world, keep up to date with internal developments, stay on top of  department meetings and events. Staffs will always know what’s going on. By tweeting customer can learn about what services are being used the most in the library. Customers can ask questions about specific materials, read the latest news from the library they used.

Reflect on the unit

Come to the end of the unit, I was surprised by the ways libraries use social media to engage and connect with their users.It was the eyes opening for me learned to know many other social media tools to use personal and/or professional. The most social media type appealed to me is facebook, I found its easy to understand and used. I can see what the other people post and control who can see my page or blocked someone out.

What benefits could using photo sharing sites such as Flickr or Instagram have for library?

Library can use Flickr or Instagram to create library photo- tours. Use images of library exhibits to create online versions. Highlight items from rare colections, show what’s on the New Book Shelf this week. Promote library electronic collections by posting selected public domain images to Filckr then link back to the main page for that collection or title. Answer reference questions with older materials that are not online yet, sharing answers you found often requires.

Link : http://www.webjunction.org/documents/webjunction/31_Flavors_045_Things_to_Do_With_Flickr_in_Libraries.html

Illustrating some issues of social media-Use of social media tools.

Some of the many problems associated with social media is copyright and privacy online. Copyright is when you copy or claim someone else’s work as your own with no credit to the owner. In some apps or websites , they will ask for your phone number or your email etc and some people see it as an invasion of privacy .Therefore, you should be careful on social media so that you yourself don’t copyright other peoples work and that you don’t give away personal information on the internet.